COMANDOS para el editor VI

Starting    vi filename                      start edit 
Stopping    ZZ                               save edits and exit 
            wq                               save edits and exit 
            q!                               abandon changes 
            w                                save changes, continue editing 
Refresh screen ^L                            Clear and redraw screen 
Modes       ESC                              forces Command mode 
            ESC :                            forces ed/ex mode 
Cursor      use the cursor keys              if set up. 
            k, j, l, h                       up, down, right, left 
            0                                start of line 
            ^                                start of line 
            $                                end of line 
            M                                middle of screen 
            H                                beginning of screen 
            L                                Last line of screen 
            ^U                               up half a page 
            ^D                               down half pages 
            ^F                               forward full page 
            ^B                               back full page 
            line numberCR                    go to specified line 
Text        i                                insert before 
            a                                append after 
            r                                replace current character 
            x                                delete current character 
            dd                               delete line 
            p                                put (insert) last delete or yank 
            P                                put before current character 
            yy                               yank to clipboard one line 
Search      /textCR                          look forward in text 
            ?textCR                          look backwards in text 
ed commands :ed-commandCR                    ex or ed commands 
            :set number                      show line numbers 
            :set nonumber                    do not show line numbers 
            :setshow all                     show all set-able items 
setup file  .exrc                            initialization file